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Gold plated jewelry : what to know

Gold plated jewelry : what to know

Gold-plated jewelry involves a thin layer of pure gold on metal. It was invented by Italian chemist Luigi Brugnatelli in 1805, initially plating gold on silver and later extending to various base metals like silver and rhodium.
This method imitates the opulent look of expensive jewelry, rendering any distinction imperceptible.
The gold plating thickness ranges from 0.05 to 2.5 microns, with thinner coatings suited for protected accessories and thicker ones for durable pieces like rings and bracelets, capable of withstanding substantial wear and tear.
Here at Melina Milano, we greatly value the quality and durability of our pieces, which is why we only use plating between 2 and 2.5 microns. Gold-plated jewelry can fade and tarnish but this doesn’t happen to all of them. It depends on the quality and attention with which they are made, as well as the base metal and the number of layers of gold.
The process of gold plating:



Making gold-plated jewelry is pretty simple.


  1. It uses a base metal which can be anything from brass, copper, and nickel to silver, stainless steel, tungsten, and titanium to create a jewelry piece.
  2. Once it is made, it is cleaned thoroughly via steam cleaning, electro cleaning, or ultrasonic cleaning to rid it of dirt, dust, oil, and other pollutants. This is done to ensure there’s a clean base that won’t prevent the gold layer from bonding to it.
  3. The jewelry is then rinsed to get rid of any traces of the purifying agent.
  4. A thin buffer layer of nickel is then plated on the base metal. This keeps it from impacting the gold layer, making it unlikely for your gold-plated jewelry to flake, tarnish, or fade. It also improves the bond between the base metal and the layer of gold.
  5. To seal the deal, the metal-based jewelry is dipped in the plating solution and a positive electrical charge with controlled temperature and voltage. This is done to attract gold ions onto the base metal to create a thin plating.
  6. Once the desired plating thickness is achieved, the jewelry is rinsed with water and hung to dry.


 How to extend the life of your jewelry
Maintaining your gold-plated jewelry's longevity hinges on practicing proper care. Here are some tips to help the gold layer endure:

- Store your jewelry in a closed, dark place, like a soft pouch or box, ensuring individual pieces are kept separate to prevent rubbing and flaking.

- Remove your jewelry before sleeping.

- Clean your hands before handling your jewelry to prevent dirt, makeup, or lotion from affecting its surface.


With diligent upkeep, your Melina Milano gold-plated jewelry can maintain its luster for up to ten years.

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